I am so excited that you have visited our site and extend to you, warmest welcome on behalf of our entire North Orlando SDA Church family. We endeavor through our various ministries – Health, Community Services, Youth, Education, Music – to meet the needs of all age groups in our community and invite you to come, and experience with us our dynamic worship services. Here we experience miracles, deliverance and the life changing power of the Holy Spirit. Please take the next step to visit us and experience this unique touch of the Holy Spirit through our worship services, fellowship and a friendly environment. May the rich abundant blessings of the Lord follow and over take you. 

In His care,
Pastor O. L Groce

Church Services


-Sabbath School (Small group study): 9:15 am
-Worship Service (Corporate worship): 11:00 am
-Bible Study (Class style learning): 4:30 pm
-A.Y.M. (Youth and Young Adult led program): 6:30 pm


-Prayer Meeting (Midweek worship with emphasis on prayer): 12:00 pm & 7:30 pm
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